Klout Perk: Checking Out The Audi A8

Klout Perk: Audi A8

Last Thursday, the social influencer measurement service Klout, invited select influencers to their new office here in San Francisco for a small gathering that offered them a chance to test drive the new Audi A8 with an opportunity to drive it around for a whole weekend by yourself! Fresh off of snagging an $8.5 million round of funding, Klout is set to move away from its current office in the same building that Twitter operates out of and move one block away to a larger office. To help celebrate this move, dozens of “influencers” were brought in to check out the new space (still largely being cleaned up and built without any semblance of furniture) and hang out.

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  1. Overpaid face man harvest care about games gets recognized. yay. Hope you don’t ruin the right and most powerful video game publisher/developer in the world.

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