Spreading The LOVE In Union Square For Valentine’s Day

Krystyl Baldwin + LOVE in Union Square

Yesterday, Krystyl Baldwin set out on an interesting adventure to capture the essence of LOVE in photos. What she aimed to do was to photograph people holding a LOVE sign and then mash them together into a short video that would be posted on YouTube to really share people’s feelings a week before Valentine’s Day.  As a point of order, the camera that was used to capture the moment was one that I loaned to Ms. Baldwin.  I took a moment out of my afternoon to join her and several of our friends at Union Square in San Francisco yesterday to participate in the moment. Some of the first photos included moments featuring this incredible acrobatic group coincidentally called Team LOVE who performed for the camera. Kids, adults, couples and individuals stopped by to show their LOVE and the video below is the finished product:

You can view this on YouTube by clicking here or follow Krystyl Baldwin (@krystyl) on Twitter here.

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  1. Krystyl says:

    awww thanks ken! I couldnt have done it without you!

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